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What Can Therapy Do for Knee Pain?

What Can Therapy Do for Knee Pain?

Have you had surgery or had an injury to your knee? Is it due of arthritis that you’re achy and stiff? In any case, getting up and moving your joint may seem like the last thing you want to do. However, your doctor may recommend physical therapy (PT) to help you regain your strength and get back on the road to recovery. if you are looking for a Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi Contact to Dr. Tanwir Alam.

PT, or rehab as it is sometimes referred as, can help you with muscle and joint problems. You’ll work with a physical therapist, a trained expert who will utilise a range of techniques to strengthen your muscles and improve the way your body feels and moves.

What Kind of Knee Pain Do You Suffer From?

What Kind of Knee Pain Do You Suffer From?If you have knee pain, you must first identify whether the pain is acute, sub-acute, or persistent. This can aid in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

1 . Acute Pain

This is the most severe type of pain, and it lasts for 1 to 7 days following the injury. Before beginning any mobility, you should rest the knee and allow the wounded structures to recover.

2. Sub-Acute Pain

This might last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks following an accident. To assist recover mobility, begin mild movements around the knee at this time.

3. Chronic Knee

Pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than 8-12 weeks. Chronic knee pain should be checked by a medical professional.

How physical therapy can help your knee pain?

Knee pain physical therapy consists of a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises that promote flexibility and strengthen the muscles that surround the knee. Physical therapy can be used alone or in combination with other therapies like heat and ice, ultrasound, injections, and surgery.

Physical therapy can help you get rid of your knee discomfort without requiring surgery. If you do need surgery, though, physical therapy is an important component of your recovery.

Assessing the nature and location of your knee pain is the first step in building a physical therapy plan. Your physical therapist evaluates your gait, balance, strength, and range of motion before creating a customised conditioning plan for you.

While it is likely painful to move or walk with your knee, you must do so because inactivity can aggravate the situation. Physical therapy can assist you in securely walking and moving your knee.

Physical therapy can help you minimise knee pain, edoema, and stiffness while also improving the function of your knee joint. It can also improve the strength of the muscles surrounding your knee and gradually improve its range of motion and mobility, making it simpler for you to walk, bend, kneel, squat, and sit.

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